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How We Do?


Diet Clinic Welcome all health conscious people who wish to lose their extra weight and desire to get right body shape.  


Call Diet Clinic now and we will get introduced to some of the best dietician who has years to experience in helping people in reducing their weight. What all you need to fill up the registration form which is having some significant question necessary to begin the process? This questionnaire includes information related to food habits, lifestyle, blood history, medical history and other important information that is involved in your day to day life. 
Contact our Dietician: visit our clinic where our experienced dietician will check out your height and BMI. Accordingly, they will set weight loss goal can be set. After proper analysis and systematic planning, the dietician will design a three-day diet chart.
After that you need to visit the clinic on the fourth day. You can even talk to the counselor over the over the phone. The session is important to check out the difference in your past weight and difference you are felling after 3 day dieting. In case you can any queries or question in your mind, it is better to discuss openly with your dietician. Your questions and queries will get resolved and next planning for 3-4 days will be shared with you. 
This counseling session needs on repeating on weekly basis. It is an ideal way to lose around 0.5 – 1.0 kg per week, without any malnourishment and no tablets. There is no need to follow up boring diets as you can make choice from a variety of foods can be included in your diet plan along with your results.
Our dieticians and the gradual weight loss will surely motivate your mind and spirits to achieve the weight goals quite easily. Brisk walks are always suggested along with diet plans in order to keep metabolism active that normally get slows down in the lack of physical action. 
Experts at Diet Clinic help you can lose 4- 5 kg within starting month and 2-4 kg on monthly basis. However, it is completely depends on how well you are capable to uphold and follow the diet plan made by the dietician. Number of counseling session depends on your goal and assurance to diets. We have 75% – 80% of happy and satisfied customers who are enjoying our programs in order lose their weight. 
Going ahead with perfect and healthy body with the technicians’ shared by Diet Clinic. Our Best support offered all through your treatment. You can contact at 24x7. You can make call on 9310289828 for more information.  

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