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Three Months DNA Diet Plan : Explore the Dynamic Plan


Weight management and healthy eating is an integral part of long-term healthy living. The DNA Diet by Diet Clinic is used to gain insight into an individual’s requirements for healthy eating. Our accredited experts conducts the tests and accordingly suggests the DNA Diet that suits you. Our three months DNA Diet plan is just not a diet plan, but an eating plan especially designed that suits your genes, a next-gen diet plan which incorporates exercise, fitness and wellness program tailor made for your genes.

With the use of nutrigenomics, it brings all the information and knowledge required to responsibly take charge of your health. It is the study of how your diet, nutrients and other external environmental factors like chemicals and toxins interacts with your genes and influences your health. It envisages how your genes are involved in nutrient absorption and metabolism and its ability to extract these environmental pollutants and toxins.


In this plan you get :

  • 90 Day DNA base Diet plan.
  • DNA base weight loss program Test.
  • DNA base Nutrition Management test
  • Plan Cost only Rs 12,000/=
  • Lose upto 10-12 Kg

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