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Introducing the Super One Month DNA Diet Plan


Our DNA is a detrimental factor is deciding how we function and how is our body going to react to environmental signals. Nutrigenomics is the study that tells about our relation between our genes and nutrition or in simple words between what we eat and what we are made of. It is revolutionary to know what foods suits a particular gene type are and what should be avoided.

With the Diet Clinic’s one month DNA Diet Plan with assistance from healthcare practitioners and expert nutritionists and dietitians, you are sure to get a personalized healthy eating plan based on your genetics. The biggest advantage of this diet plan is, that it provides an insight on how different individuals reacts to carbohydrates, saturated fats and physical activities, so that out dietitians can further personalize eating plans depending on what suits one.


In this plan you get :

  • 30 Day DNA base Diet plan.
  • DNA base weight loss program Test.
  • DNA base Nutrition Management test
  • Plan Cost only Rs 5,000/=
  • Lose upto 3-5 Kg

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